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Feed the Band

Often, there is not enough time for students to SAFELY leave campus after school, grab a bite to eat then return to school on time and prepare to perform. Because of this, before most home football games the VIPS Team feeds the kids.  If you are interested in helping out please sign up below.


An organization is successful when all parts, no matter how big or small, work together to achieve greatness. It is because of  YOU that makes the Viper Vanguard successful. Your support is always appreciated.


Throughout the year, there are great ways to help your child and the Viper Vanguard out. Whether it is feeding the kids or cheering on the band during performances, you possess a talent that the VIPS Team needs.

Stadium Support& Equipment Help

The Viper Vanguard performs at all home football games and we are always needing help before and after each game setting up banners and water jugs for home football games. 

 If you are interested in helping out please sign up below.

The Music that Drives Us

Car Show

Sponsorhips and
Grant Committee

Under the direction of the VIPS Board and Mrs. Meldrum, this committee will focus on reaching out to businesses for donations or sponsorships. This committee may write for grant opportunities.

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