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2023-2024 Viper Vanguard Fees

Welcome to the 2022 Marching Season.  This page will give you a breakdown of fees and requirements that all members must have.

The estimated total cost for the 1st-semester should be between $600 - $700 for students, depending on if they are new to the Viper Vanguard, Seniors, or returning veterans. 

$450 of the above costs covers Student Athletic Fees and Band Camp 2, which can be paid by tax credit.

Required equipment and items band members

 All Viper Vanguard Members are required to have specific items or equipment depending on the instrument they play or section they are in. New band members will be required to purchase specific equipment or items for the first time, which should last them over the years if they continue in the band. Returning band members are expected to have the required equipment and items in good condition and working order. If returning members lost or their equipment is not in working order, they will be required to repurchase these items. 
For items that need to be purchased, click on the box below.

Mrs. Meldrum strongly believes that fees and costs should not prevent students from participating in the band. If there is a financial concern, please feel free to contact Mrs. Meldrum at

Additional Costs:

Medical Physical -$20-$30: This is a district requirement that must be completed PRIOR to any student participating in an extra-curricular activity. This is paid directly to the PCP or whoever is doing the physical. Click here for Medical/Physical Forms.

Extra Items and Swag (Not Required) - Various Costs: Check out the shop for other items such as hoodies, parent shirts, Viper socks, and drawstring backpacks. Hoodies are NOT required, but most kids love to buy them.
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