WGI Regionals
March 12, 2022

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The Viper Vanguard has been selected to host two major indoor drumline shows for 2022. These events are similar to the marching season competition in the fall, although the performances take place inside the gym. The Viper Vanguard has a wonderful opportunity to showcase their school and raise funds for the program.


The strength and dedication of our volunteers are what make us SUCCESSFUL. We learned some valuable lessons from VTC and are implementing these changes for WGI and WGAZ. Volunteers are asked to work a 4-hour or 5-hour shift instead of all day. Every volunteer will receive a wristband that is good for one free meal and entrance into the performance. VIPS needs the help of all parents, students, alumni, and friends for these events. 

Our largest moneymaker for these shows will be concessions. Both shows will be long days for performers and spectators, so we will need to ensure we have plenty of food.

There are 3 main areas where you can help out: Concessions, Entry/Exit, and Equipment Parking/Check-In. 

Click Here to be taken to the volunteer page to see what each job entails and the time clots needed. Once you find a station that fits your talents, click on Volunteer Sign Up and choose a time slot. 

Of course, you are welcome to sign up for multiple time slots or stations. 

WGI Show Information

WGI - March 12 Show Info

March 12, 2022 - WGI (Winter Guard International) Phoenix Regionals Show

WGI is the national circuit for indoor drumline and color guard competitions. They feature some of the best groups in the country. This event will feature Prelims and Finals, which means groups with the highest scores in their division will qualify for finals. Currently, there are 24 groups scheduled to perform, including the Verrado Venom Percussion.

For questions, volunteering, or donating, please email president@vipervanguard.com